Peniche Guide

No need to get lost in Peniche! Peniche Guide will help you find whatever you need.
How to search on Peniche Guide: on the map, click on filters, select the kind of business/place you’re looking for and click on filters again. Now that you have the contacts and websites/social media from the businesses and the directions at your disposal, you just have to scroll through what you’re looking for and you’ll find it easily. You can also search by typing in the “Search” blank space.

In case you go to any of these shops/services, always inform them you got there through Peniche Guide.

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The aim of Peniche Guide is to promote all local shops and businesses and facilitate the search for some places of interest.
If you have a local shop/business and would like to have it located in the Peniche Guide, send us an email to to know more information.
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