Our Mission and Values

This project started after several conversations and ideas about how we could boost the tourist offer within our Peninsula. Many people who visit us usually look for Peniche for surfing, beaches and Berlengas, often ending up missing the opportunity to get to know and visit so many incredible places.

Taking advantage of the best our land has to offer, the tours aim to make people fall in love with Peniche, getting to know its people, stories, legends and places. We make sure that people who visit Peniche do not want to leave this place without wanting to eventually return.

We also hope to provide more prosperity to the local businesses, avoiding the massification of visitors in a single area. Therefore, a map is being developed on our website where will be included all types of services, local businesses and establishments.

Still regarding the tours that we provide and all the work involved in relation to the operation of this website/platform, we intend to promote empathy, inclusion, integrity and reception among the locals/merchants and visitors of Peniche.

Besides contributing economically in some way, this conception also aims to revitalize the feeling of belonging and pride of being a Penicheiro/Penichense (inhabitant of Peniche).

Additionally, we work in a way that our impact on the environment is somehow significant (such as reducing paper consumption, avoiding the use of flyers, avoiding the use of items made out of plastic, working mainly through digital platforms, among others).