Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

We aim to bring Peniche to everyone in an authentic and sustainable way.

We work the best we can to make each experience unique and never forgetting the value that Peniche has whether as history, culture, traditions, gastronomy…

Our Vision

Peniche360, in addition to reaching more people organically and offering the best service possible, also intends to be able to integrate more people into the team, offering them the possibility of working on something unique, authentic and different.

Our Values

  • It is imperative for Peniche360 that everyone feels comfortable and safe, respected, understood and accepted.

  • Through our work we intend to communicate to those around us the importance of consuming in local businesses and the impact that this action can have on them.

  • Integrity, responsibility and empathy.

  • We advocate that tours should not be guided in a boring and tedious way, leading to distraction and constant check for the time on the part of the client.

  • We value well-being, good humor and good disposition at any time.

  • Likewise, we value the safety of all clients and guides on any tour (thus guaranteeing safety for any activity).

  • We defend synergies and partnerships.
    We believe that together we are stronger.
    We believe that together we can go further.
    We believe that together everything is more beneficial for all parties.

  • We try to be more sustainably whenever possible.

  • Whenever appropriate, we opt for virtual and technological options, thus reducing the use of materials (example: observing images on a tablet instead of paper).

  • We make sure we reuse materials whenever possible.