Our Coast



     Stunning beaches? Crystal clear water with incredible shades of blue?

    All of that and much more!

      The coast of this municipality shows a sequence of layers of sedimentary rock that shows traces from the Jurassic period. The peninsula is surrounded by limestone cliffs. It is possible to find a sequence of rock layers that were formed along twenty million years. Also, from our coast you can see something rare. From here you can catch a glimpse of an archipelago. And this is unique in continental Portugal.
     Among clays, limestones and sand in collision with the Atlantic Ocean, we can find the beaches of our municipality. Find some of them in the list below:
  • Almagreira Beach
  • Baía Beach
  • Consolação Beach
  • Cova de Alfarroba Beach
  • Gambôa Beach
  • Azenhas Beach
  • Pedras Muitas Beach
  • Peniche de Cima Beach
  • S. Bernardino Beach
  • Vale Pombas Beach
  • Abalo Beach
  • Alto de Santa Luzia Beach
  • Baleal Beach
  • Baleal Norte Beach
  • Baleal Sul Beach
  • Medão Grande Beach
  • Molhe Leste Beach
  • Portinho da Areia Norte Beach
  • Portinho da Areia Sul Beach
  • Quebrado Beach
  • Salgueiro Beach
  • Frades Beach
  • Super Tubos Beach
  • Lagide Beach
  • Pico da Mota Beach
  • Porto Batel Beach

Along our coast it is possible to visit some caves, carreiros (natural coastal recesses) natural balconies/viewpoints, among others, as described below:

  • Alto da Vela (viewpoint)
  • Carreiro da Furninha
  • Carreiro de Joanes
  • Carreiro de São Marcos
  • Carreiro do Cabo
  • Carreiro do Inferno
  • Cova de Dominique
  • Cruz dos Remédios (viewpoint)
  • Furna que Sopra
  • Gruta da Furninha (cave)
  • Miradouro dos Remédios (viewpoint)
  • Nau dos Corvos
  • Passos de D. Leonor (cave)
  • Pedra dos Corvos
  • Praia da Camarôa (small beach)
  • Tromba (viewpoint)
  • Varanda de Dominique
  • Varanda de Pilatos (viewpoint)
Forte de São João Batista na Berlenga
Foto: Cabo Carvoeiro e Nau dos Corvos. Foto de Peniche360/Photo: Carvoeiro Cape and Nau dos Corvos (rock known as Ship of Crows). Photo by Peniche360


    All our coast is geologically interesting. You can visit two of them: Papôa and Ponta do Trovão. In Papôa you can also know more about a volcanic breccia.


     To learn more about these two geosites, go to the topic “Discover Peniche” and click on “Heritage, Museums, Churches and places of interest”. You can also book a tour with us to get to know around.