About Us

Who is Diana?


Diana loves Harry Potter, cats, pizza and punk rock/punk pop music and is good at english.

Diana is a young local who has lived in Peniche her entire life.

Something that has never been taught or positively transmitted to the locals of Peniche is the pride of being Penichens* e – or as certain Peninchenses* say, “Penicheiros”*. Diana was no exception to the rule. Until life showed her other nuances and took her along other paths through which she learned to look at her land with love, pride and affection.

And it was then that one day a certain someone appeared on her way…

(*both are the names of the inhabitants of Peniche)

Who is Romário?


Romário loves to relax while observing a good view, filming with drone or cellphone, to cook and is a huge Moto GP Fan.

Romário is a young man from Lisbon who was used to visit Peniche since he was younger.

Like most people who visit Peniche, Romário always did the same thing when he was here: visit Cabo Carvoeiro, go to the beach, pass by the Fortress of Peniche, go to the beach, a night out in Baleal… And on the way home “Peniche was just bad weather”. All this because alone he didn’t know exactly what to explore, where and how. In other words, Peniche really remained to be totally explored.

And it was then that one day a certain someone appeared on his way…


Both share the love for traveling, knowing and exploring more. Both love to experience new things such as gastronomy and experiences. They have already visited some spots along continental Portugal and have already flown to Madeira, Terceira (Azores), São Miguel (Azores), Edinburgh, Valencia and several italian cities. Both look forward to continuing this topic on their bucket list.

And who are Diana and Romário?

As fate would have it, these two crossed paths. Or… the legend would have it… the legend of the “Good Fountain” (Fonte Boa).

When fate took charge of the crossing between these two, something would emerge 2 years later. But we’ll get into that after.

They met through mutual friendships, leading them to fall in love with each other like two lovebirds.

Diana visited him in Lisbon when she could. When he could, Romário visited her in Peniche.

Whenever Romário set foot on this ancient island, Diana made sure to take him on a stroll to discover some new place, stories to be known and mysteries to be unraveled.

It was then that Diana, a young woman with a local perspective, and Romário, a young man with an outsider perspective, came to the conclusion that Peniche had a lot to give.

We’ve already seen who the first two are. And it was from these two little heads that Peniche360 emerged.

With Romário’s almost weekly visits to this location (let’s not beat around the bush, he would come to visit Diana, it wasn’t just the land itself), Peniche became his resting place. Something emerged naturally, a bit like a hobby. Whenever Romário visited Diana and his friends or family also came along, it was certain that these two would show them everything they could. And this was just the beginning of something.

For months they dedicated themselves to studying more about Peniche. They reached out to local people and unlikely friendships emerged with people from whom they learned a lot with. They learned stories firsthand.

They proceeded to develop what would be their small work project and which would become something new and unique in Peniche: guided tours on foot or by car around this ancient island.

All the people who decided to explore Peniche with these two got to know something they probably would never have known on their own.

A few months after the beginning of the activity, Peniche360 would also have a third member on the team: the portuguese UMM Jeep with almost 4 decades of existence, also known as “Little Yellow” (“Amarelinho”).

Today, more than 2 years after the beginning of this project and more than 1 and a half years of “doors” open to the public, 2024 begins with tours never thought of before and with unique experiences, tailored, designed and dedicated to all the people who allow themselves to experience something new, which aims to take a little piece of Peniche with them, not only physically, but also in memory.

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A Peniche360

Where did this name come from and why?
Now explaining everything in the first person plural, we wanted a name that demonstrated that our intention is to make Peniche known in its entirety, that is, at 360º. Furthermore, it could also be read in all languages.

Today we no longer limit ourselves just to the peninsula, as we cannot ignore how rich the remaining parishes in the municipality of Peniche are (Ferrel, Serra D’El Rei and Atouguia da Baleia).
Little by little, as this baby grows, we adjust and our goal is to be able to cover more areas and expand the team.

We hope that in another 1 or 2 years we will rewrite this story again, adding more value to it, because this story is not just ours, it is also yours.


Creating our logo was fun. Romário is not a designer, but he managed create it. Taking into account that he has no Photoshop or other design tools skills, this logo was created using Canva, Paint and weird programs on his old tablet. Here is the result (observation: someone vectorized it after of course).


They are passionate about Peniche and what they do. It's guaranteed that if you go on a tour with these two, you'll feel it all in their voices, gestures and words.

So what is the legend of the “Good Fountain”?

The legend of the “Good Fountain” (“Fonte Boa”) could possibly be what really lies behind this whole story.
Is it really? We leave the doubt in the air.

But one thing is certain: we share this legend with you, all you need to do is come on a tour with us and discover this beautiful land and be part of the history mentioned above, which will continue to be rewritten.

Do you want to discover the legend of "Fonte Boa"?

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They love being children. They have an annual "tradition" of going to Slide & Splash (water park) so they can be kids for a day - not having any worries other than one: running to the next slide!


Por entre conversas ao longo dos anos, aperceberam-se que em eventos passados, antes de se cruzarem, que estiveram bem perto um do outro. Contudo, o futuro viria a reservar-lhes o seu encontro mais tarde. Through conversations over the years, they realized that in past events, before they crossed paths, they were very close to each other. However, the future would hold their meeting later.